…and it beginnings


My name…Brandon Woodroffe, a kid from a small town in Maryland that most people have never heard about and probably won’t every look up.

Now I know what your thinking: “Why am I here?” “Why start a blog page?” “Why would you think anyone would care about your opinion on anything, let alone sports?” Well, I’m glad you asked that kind sir and or madam (I think that’s how you spell that, not the best speller by the way!)

I don’t think I’m special, in fact I would consider myself pretty average, maybe slightly above average compared to most, but I really don’t think I’m better than anyone, but I feel I have a right to voice my thoughts, as do the rest of you fine people who have come across this blog at some point or another (also, thank you for stopping by, I would give you a gift but I’m broke and I don’t know who you are, but welcome anyways.

A little about me, I’m from Odenton, MD (like I said you probably never heard of it), a student at Salisbury University who dreams of one day being one of the most notable sports announcer that ever was (too over the top? You got to have some confidence to make it in this field). I’m using this page to get my foot into the news media world, and express my feelings on today’s issues in sports….mainly the National Football League and college sports. So just sit back, get ya popcorn, your fingers prepared for hundreds of comments you have prepared and enjoy the ride.


About Woodroffe14

A quiet kid with loud ambitions...

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