And with the first pick of 2015 NFL Draft…

Well, the college football season has started to wrap up another interesting season as they prepare for the inaugural college playoff games. The teams are all set (though I don’t believe the best teams are playing it out for the title, but that’s a story for another day), but the really story involves the #2 ranked team in the country, the Oregon Ducks and the #3 Florida State Seminoles.

And by teams, I mean the team’s quaterbacks….Marcus Mariota and “Famous” Jameis Winston.

For now, all the sports networks and analysts will breakdown their upcoming match up come New Years Day in Pasadena, but the bigger question is who going number 1 in the draft.

Of course they’re multiple prospects that are wroth a look for that number 1 spot, but of course when you start to evaluate this year’s draft who have to start with this season’s Heisman trophy winner and of course “Famous Jameis”. Chance our one of two will be heading to Jets Camp this off-season (let’s be real, they’re probably going number 1 in the draft).

People are split on who is the better quarterback, but everyone agrees who the bigger risk is.

Mariota and Winston are like night and day compared to one another, one is like the perfect guy to bring home to the family while the other can’t seem to keep his name out of individuals who don’t even watch football. Everything from being accused of sexual assault, getting caught shoplifting and being suspended earlier in the season for shouting an obscenity on the Florida State’s campus.

The wrap sheet set aside, comparing their QB skills, it would seem Mariota has the upper hand in the category as well.According to ESPN, Mariota has thrown 3,783 yards with 36 TDs and only 2 INTs compared to Winston’s 3,559 yards, 27 TDs and 17 INTs.

So is there any upside for Winston? Well he is a proven winner. The kid hasn’t lost a game since given the starting job last season, even when he’s not playing the team leans on him to lead them to victory. I mean the guy can throw 2 or more interceptions in back to back games and still be the key reason the team gets the W. This leadership is the sole reason why FSU are in the playoffs in the first place, without Winston this team would be lucky to make it too a bowl game (which is a shame since they play in a pretty weak conference and have all the talent in the world). Marcus has proven that he can win too but the verdict is still out on how well he can perform when the spotlight is placed on him. The Pac-12 conference doesn’t always get the attention they deserve, even with powerhouses like USC, UCLA, Oregon, Oregon State and a few other teams. It seems if you’re not in the SEC West, you’re pretty much placed on the back burner of the college football rankings…but that’s a story for another day.

This upcoming match-up will show scouts and NFL coaches what these players are really made off when the battle it out for a championship, after all that’s the reason these teams will be fighting for either one of these guys…bring the hardware to their organizations. Even with all their awards and records that they have set, a lot is still left to be proven.

New Years Day is going to be a game for the ages, and possible a match-up to mark down on your calendars come Sundays.

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