Ravens in the playoffs might be a bad thing for the other AFC teams…

As you and I beginning to get to know and understand each other better your going to notice something about me…


Have been since I was 8 years old, watching that 2000 Ravens team dominate the Giants in Super Bowl 35. I’ve grown up idealizing guys like Ray Lewis, Ed Reed, Suggs, Ngata, all of those guys. But with this I’m trying not to show favoritism to any one team, I’m just giving my opinion and what I think could happen, and I think if this Baltimore Ravens team gets into the playoffs a wildcard team it could spell trouble for any team they face.

Now out of the three AFC North teams still alive for a playoff spot, it’s fair to say that the Ravens had the easiest path to the places and possible a division crown, but last night’s lose in Houston made their path to the postseason that much harder. The team didn’t seem into it right out of the gate, allowing Houston’s fourth string quarterback Case Keenum, who they literally just signed off the street a week before the game and let him get hot, really, really quickly. The defense hold their offense to 6 field goals and a touchdown pass from Arian Foster (yeah, their running back throw a touchdown on us!), but the Ravens offense was nowhere to be found. Dropped balls, bad routes, no running game and bad QB play…the not a good recipe if you’re trying to win a game a possible secure a playoff spot, but there is still hope in this team. Yes, they do need help to get in the playoffs, yes they need to win their final game against the Browns (still not an easy win, but it’s at the Bank!) and  yes the team overall needs to play better, but I think this lose may spark this team in the best way possible and if they do get in (which I strongly believe they will) it could mean trouble for the AFC.

We have seen throughout the season how explosive this offense can be against any team that they line up against, the running game can be the best in the league when moving on all cylinders, Joe Flacco can be as “elite” and clutch as the Brady’s and Manning’s of the league and the wide receivers can look Pro Bowl caliber on any given Sunday, the real question lies within the bedrock of the team, their defense. The defense overall is ranked 9th in league, according to NFL.com, but the secondary is ranked 28th in the league, giving up in average 255.3 yards per game. Luckily, the front seven of this team has been one of the best in recent years, having the 4th best rushing defense (86.9) and 45 sacks this season, ranked as one of the league’s best with Elvis Dumervil and Terrell Suggs leading the way with a combined total of 28.0 sacks this season. The team lacks a player in the back field like an Ed Reed, who made quarterbacks think twice when throwing back there, but due to injuries the backfield had been completely exposed, but seem to still be able to take their blows and get right back up, which is need in a championship-type team.

Their numbers might not be mind-blowing ,but numbers don’t allows wins you rings, ask Peyton! This team has the piece set to make some real noise come January, they might not go all the way to Arizona but they won’t back down from any fight which could mean some upsets against some highly projected teams. Flacco has proven he can win it all with what he has around him, he might not have Boldin, but he has this guy named Steve Smith who’s pretty darn good, he still has a pretty decent o-line and running game and the defense isn’t something to underestimate, so you best believe this is a team most teams don’t want to have to face but they might not have a choice come next week.


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