Black Monday…What have we learned?

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Welp, another NFL regular season has come and gone, now the really fun begins!

No not the playoffs (though the Ravens are in and I couldn’t be more excited to watch them duke it out on the AFC side), no I’m talking about which team will be looking for a new head coach…yes Black Monday is here, and there weren’t any big surprises on who was let go. Rex Ryan of the New York Jets, Marc Trestman of the Chicago Bears and Mike Smith of he Atlanta Falcons were the first few head coaches to be given the old pink slip, while Jim Harbaugh of the San Francisco 49ers decided to just “part ways” with his team’s front office to move forward to bigger, greater things…


Some of the firings I can understand, Smith was 66-46 during his time with the Falcons, were able to snag a division title, an elite quarterback in Matt Ryan in the 2008 NFL Draft, he even helped his team be the No.1 seed during 2012 playoffs. But one thing that plagued him and his team was the consistency to win and win important games. The team was loaded with talent, the likes at which some have never seen before, I mean you had Julio Jones, Roddy White,Mike Turner and Tony Gonzalez all on one squad, and still couldn’t win the big one, on top of that having losing seasons constantly, it just made no sense, but why didn’t make sense is that Smith had to go.

With Trestman, he never seem to get the ball rolling. He was a big shot in Canada or the CFL if you’re being politically correct, but it seemed like he and Jay Cutler could never get things going which was unfortunate. The Bears are another team loaded with talent, and what doesn’t make sense why they were so bad most of the time, and why Jay Cutler never seem to become “the guy”.Yes,the team had their share of injuries to their top guys, yes they play in a hard division, ran by what Stephen A. Smith refers to him as “The Bad Man” Aaron Rodgers and yes they’re dealing with the come up of The Detroit Lions (about time too), but with what he had on his roster there’s no way they should be have anything less than 9-10 wins each season. But it’s not all Trestman fault, I put most of the blame on Cutler. Cutler has not lived up to par by anyone standards, he seems like he doesn’t want to be at the game half the time, doesn’t seem to care for the team or teammates and seems to hide In his shell when big time opportunities arrive. Let’s go back to the 2010 NFC championship game where he came out the game due to injury, but what many believed was just him not wanting to play ( which if this ever was true, that should have been a huge red flag to the Bears front office before giving that “fat” check). To this day he hasn’t been able to shut those critics up with his play ability, failing to reach the playoffs each year since, so all the blame can’t be on Trestman solely.

And then there’s “Big Rex” or I guess “small rex” now a days, and that joke of a team up in New Jersey or is it New York these days (more like purgatory). Now I’m not here to bash on Rex, personally I think Ryan is a great head coach,his father was a great coordinator with the 1985 Chicago Bears and I believe Ryan had the potential to be one of the best head coach in NFL history. But what killed Ryan’s career up in New York was the front office, and their ability to draft decent players to their roster. look at the guy said they had on the roster this past season, I mean I think Geno Smith is it okay guy, but he was better than  Mark Sanchez ?( and that’s saying a lot, isn’t that right butt fumble)

The GM and  front office failed to pick up any of the needs they needed in any of the drafts  while Ryan was in charge and because of that you have the losing seasons that came about, which is pretty dang shame after Ryan started out his head coaching career in back to back AFC championship games, I’m sure he’ll land on his feet quickly (**cough** Oakland).

do I think the firings are over, absolutely not! I can think of one right off the top my head, and if he and his squad doesn’t win this weekend up in Indy, I believe his time would finally run out (of course I’m talking about Marvin Lewis). You can’t expect to go this long with no playoff wins and still think you’re to keeping your job come the off-season, there’s no way, if so Cincinnati will never be taken seriously when they get into the tournament, and they better watch if the Browns grab ahold of the AFC North, things will get a whole lot more interesting.Jay Gurden is another guy who might need to watch over shoulder, because Dan Snyder and that front office is going to screw him over at one point or another. Your not sure if you have the answer you need at QB, your draft choices haven’t been that great, Snyder is still known for making terrible free agency choices and wasting boat loads of money, neither helping that head coach with wins or could arise within the locker room. Washington has a chance to be at the top, i mean the division title changes hands every with no team ever seeming to take over completely, so there’s always hope.

sue was a season continues to come to an end, it’s going to be fun to see how many more heads will roll underneath the NFL guillotine.

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