What Should Happen with Peterson?

I guess the NFL are trying their hardest to make a point with this Adrian Peterson case. The question is, what is it?

On Thursday, a federal judge originaled ruled in favor of Peterson, overturning his suspension that has sidelined him for the majority of the 2014 season and possible all of the offseason. That victory was cut short when the NFL placed Peterson back onto the Commissioner’s Exempt List, while the league attempts to appeal the court’s ruling.

During his time on the exempt list, Peterson is still somewhat suspended, but it’s more like on paid leave, which is an upgrade to what he was dealing with over the last five months. But, if Roger Goodell reinstate him for the 2015 season, is the former league MVP planning to return to the Minnesota Vikings, some believe not likely.

Though the team’s front office has said that they would welcome him back whenever he is able to rejoin, it seem that Peterson has a bitter taste in his mouth left by the Vikings’ organization. Peterson felt as though the organization gave no support towards him during his time in court and NFL limbo, he and his agent feel as though it time for a change of scenery. Peterson had hope to push his reinstatement up to March 10, the start of the new league year, which could be telling the Vikings that he is pushing for a trade, but with 3 years left on his current contract and the date for reinstatement is still set for April 15, the running back might have to suit up or sit out.

But, if Peterson does get reinstated by the start of the new year where would he end up? The 29-year-old has played in basically a year, though was coming off one of the best performance a running back could have in a year. The question is how much is left in the tank, can he still take the workload and the beating from the league after taking a year off? Is a team like Dallas really willing to trade to pick up a player like him at his age or should they just resign Murray? The sooner Peterson gets back in the league, the more interesting things will be in the NFL.

My question is, does he deserve to come back?

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