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The McCoy Trade:Who’s the winner, Eagles or Bills?

…Well, I didn’t see that one coming at all, and I guess neither did LeSean McCoy.

The Philadelphia Eagles reportedly traded the star running back to the Buffalo Bills for linebacker Kiko Alonso, a former Oregon Duck during the Chip Kelly era. Now, the trade won’t be finalized until Tuesday, March 10, when the new league year begins, but one thing that’s for sure are the multiple pissed Eagles fans and the grateful Bills fans that are beginning to come forward. Former teammates Trent Cole, Todd Herremans and a few other players around the league took to Twitter to voice their thoughts on the trade:

Needless to say, they were all pretty surprised. But, the question now is why? Why make this type of trade when McCoy is still technically in his prime? Why wasn’t anyone aware that something like this was going to happen (kinda of a smack to the face if you’re an Eagles fan)? And was it just the players traded away or did someone have to give up something else (draft picks!!!)

Maybe the biggest question of them all: Who wins in the long run?

Some may say the Eagles won it all (crazy right?). McCoy had a relatively quiet 2014 season, he finished with 1,319 rushing yards on 312 carries and 155 receiving yards on a career-low 28 receptions while scoring only five rushing touchdowns. Some believed that he since Chip Kelly came to town he really had no big role in his schemes, plus since he turning 27 (usually the ripping age for RB) he was flexible to give away by the club and could find someone else to replace him for the long-term.

Some say it was the Buffalo Bills (and I would agree with them). The Bills went 9-7 last season with a bad QB situation (though Kyle Orton did pretty good down the stretch), a star-in-the-making at WR,a decent defensive unit and still just missed the playoffs. Giving an elite player like McCoy to that team spells trouble for all the teams in the AFC East, especially the Pats. Shady is going to be playing with a huge chip on his shoulder this season as well, his mind-set has to be to go out their and show the world he is still the one of the top running backs in the game and has plenty left in the tank to make a run. I’m telling it’s going to be scary to watch him play if he does what he’s saying he will do, there is no doubt this team will closing in on a playoff spot, heck if this team is a good QB away from giving the Pats a good fight for that division crown (of course there’s also the Dolphins who just signed Ndamukong Suh for $114 Million/6 yrs.).

We’ll have to see who really is the winner during the season next year, McCoy has a lot to prove, but so does Kiko Alonso, coming off his second ACL injury had a great rookie campaign but is still young and unproven in the league. It could turn out to be a win for the Eagles in the long ru of things but if they were look to win a Super Bowl right now, this may be the worst move to make at this point.

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